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Travel and Local Cuisine

Special Destinations

Some places are just worth a trip, be it for magnificent landscapes, superb local cuisine or just for their peace of mind they transmit. This is collection of our favourite ones. You are welcome to send us locations and activities that you think should be part of this section.

Good Local Cuisine

Discovering and enjoying traditional local food is very rewarding. This collection about local specialities and where to find them is put together by Secretplaces and our member hotels.

Hidden Treasures

There are not many unknown treasures left, but even some known to locals are unknown to travellers. Here you will find some of the places worth a trip or detour.

Our favourite farmers markets

Our favourite farmers markets

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Good Local Cuisine Travelogues

Great Travel, Great Cuisine

Great Travel, Great Cuisine

If travel be the food of love, eat on.

Ok, we’re paraphrasing Shakespeare a bit here, but two of the great pleasures in life must surely be ...

San Giovanni D’Asso

San Giovanni D’Asso

Locanda del Castello
Tuscany may be renowned for its stunning landscapes, cuisine and architecture, but it still holds little secrets even to ...


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