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If France is a "lucky" country in terms of beauty, good food and natural beauty, then Auvergne is one of its lucky regions.
Situated, in the very heart of country, Auvergne is a pretty unique area that has managed to protect its natural environment and as a result visitors will take real pleasure from what’s on offer, both in terms of mind and body, nature and culture.
It is also a superb place to relax, go with the flow at see what it has to offer at your own pace. And there’s a lot to see and do! Vast landscapes, springs and volcanoes are just the beginning.
Allow yourself to be carried away by its monumental volcanoes, the natural quality of its products, the purity of its springs and the sheer vastness of its landscapes, where walking, fishing horse riding is literally a walk away.

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Auvergne: Not-to-be-missed activities

As a region reputed for its "great outdoors", its natural environment, its old towns and villages, and its rich historic heritage, you will always find something to do in Auvergne. 

Thanks to the mountain landscape, you will have many chances to be adventurous in this region. Try a new sport and overfly the volcanoes of the volcanic hills chain in paragliding or in hot air balloon, or discover the bowels of the earth by visiting Vulcania. Go hike on the mountain chains and appreciate the breathtaking views that they offer! 

There are so many things you can do in Auvergne. But one of the not-to-be-missed attraction is also to visit the beautiful and authentic cities of the region, such as Clermont-Ferrand , Le-Puy-en-Velay, Saint-Nectaire, Saint-Flour or Riom and discover their amazing historical monuments and majestic cathedrals and churches. 

Not to be forgotten is the beautiful city of Vichy, known for its relaxing thermal baths and the purity of its water.