Who are we?

Secretplaces is an award-winning hotel guide and booking service for the most charming small hotels and lodgings in Europe and beyound. Our selection includes over 900 of the loveliest places to stay, including small seaside hotels, historic manor houses, sophisticated city lodgings and elegant cortijos. We also provide all kinds of useful information on local history, culture, cuisine and sports, as well as advice and ideas. Whatever your interests, Secretplaces will help you find the perfect spot.

Since its inception, Secretplaces has won some of the industry's most prominent global awards for the concept, execution and content of its guide, including a Bronze Cyberlion in Cannes, a Silver World Medal at the New York Festivals and a Finalist Special Honour at the Montreux Festival.

Where are we based?

Secretplaces is located in Cascais, Portugal. Our address is: 
Rua dos Navegantes 72
2750-444 Cascais



Tel: 00351 21 464 7430
Fax: 00351 21 464 7439

How do we select our hotels?

There is no hard and fast rule as to what makes a lodging special, but there are always some certainties one should count on, including great service, surroundings of outstanding natural beauty, singular architecture and overwhelming sense of history, or simply an atmosphere that makes you feel at home.

We have personally visited all accommodations to ensure our independent selection fully meets these criteria. Hotels do not pay to be in our guide and inclusion is by invitation only. In fact, out of the thousands of hotels we have visited to date, only a small proportion have made it into the guide.

How much does it cost to use the Secretplaces service?

Nothing. There is no charge or service fee when using Secretplaces. In fact, you will even save as on many occasions we provide special Secretplaces rates that offer discounts.

Is it cheaper booking direct?

No. In fact, our prices are often cheaper than booking directly and are certainly never more expensive than walk-in rates. Additionally, in our special offer section, you will find hotel promotions that offer significant discounts.

Should I make a reservation directly through the hotel?

As mentioned above, it will not be cheaper and you will not have access to our special rates as they occur. Secretplaces also takes the hard work out of planning your stay, which can be time consuming, especially when there are language barriers to overcome. Individual advice and support are all part of the service.

Is it safe booking with Secretplaces?

Secretplaces is a fully registered and licenced travel agency. We are totally committed to protecting your privacy and keeping your personal information safe. As such, we recognise the need for appropriate protection and management of any personal data that you may provide and make the following assurances:

1. Any information you give us - name, e-mail address, credit card number, expiry date or telephone number - is never, under any circumstances - shared out to third parties.

2. Secretplaces has put appropriate procedures in place to ensure that personally identifiable information about our customers remains secure and private.

3. Secretplaces also strives to comply with all applicable laws that are designed to protect your privacy and integrity.

Where does my request go when I make an availability request?

Your request is sent immediately to the hotel, who should reply within 12 hours. On some occasions, this may take longer as some of our hotels, particularly the small rural accommodations, may not be immediately available for contact. Additionally, many of our clients come from all over the world and time differences should be taken into consideration.

Where and how do I pay?

As a rule, you will only have to pay at the hotel upon check-out, unless otherwise stated. A few hotels, for example, require a deposit, so please check the respective hotel page in our site.

Will my credit card be charged?

For the majority of hotels, your credit card details are only requested as a pro-form when you confirm a reservation. This is standard policy and no funds will be debited or pre-charged. A few hotels, however, require a pre-payment and this will be stated in the appropriate hotel page in our site or when we advise of availability.

Once I have made my reservation, will I receive any confirmation from the hotel?

No. The reservation confirmation (either by fax or e-mail) you receive from us is all you need. It displays the ID number, the hotel address phone and fax and booking number. You will also receive our travel guide, which includes details on how to get there and other useful information.

Will you confirm my reservation by fax, phone or e-mail?

Normally, we make confirmations by e-mail, so please ensure that the e-mail address provided is the correct one. We will send confirmation by fax or post if yuo do not have an e-mail address.

How will I find the hotel?

Upon confirmation, we will send you our small travel guide on the hotel and region, which includes instructions on how to get there as well as the address, telephone number and other useful information. We also suggest taking an up to date map, to help you on your travels.

How do I cancel or change a reservation on-line?

Each hotel has its own cancellation policy, so please check their appropriate information on the hotel page in our site, or contact us. In case you want to cancel, just call us and we will advise the hotel. Of course, it is always best to do so outside the hotel's cancellation policy to avoid unnecessary charges.

Are your prices by room or per person?

All prices in our service are per room, per night, not per person, unless otherwise specified. When the price of breakfast is included, however, this is per person.

Can't find the answer to your question?

Send us your specific question or query and we will be happy to get back to you as soon as possible: