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Needless to say, being the home region of probably the most unique and beautiful city in the world (Venice just in case anyone has missed the similarity in names) means Veneto itself must be something special.

And it is. This region has one of the richest patrimonies of the whole of Italy, and that's saying something, whether we're talking historical, cultural, artistic or culinary. In fact it is the country's most widely visited area, which may bring a few problems in itself come high season.

Venice is, of course, the jewel in the crown but take time to explore the majestic peaks of the Cadore Dolomites as well as visiting some other important towns including Verona (Shakespeare fans will surely have heard of it), Vicenza, Padua and Treviso.

Gastronomy Veneto can lay claim, along with Lombardy, to producing the best rice dishes in Italy. In part, this is due to the influence of products coming from the east which included the importing of not only rice but spices like nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon. Being a water based town, Venice is very keen on fish, a notable dish being Seppie in tegame (cuttlefish), Risotto al radicchio rosso (Risotto with red chicory) Filetto di manzo al vino (fillet of beed I wine)

History Venice's history as an autonomous state began some time during the early Middle Ages, after the collapse of the Western Roman Empire, and continued for more than 1,100 years until the Napoleonic era.

By then Venice became a great Mediterranean naval power, greatly strengthened by her role as intermediary between East and West. With the conquest of Constantinople in 1204 she became the dominant power in the Levant.

The rise of the great monarchies from the 16th century onwards however, spelt the end of the medieval city state and Venice was no exception. By the time of Napoleon’s intervention and Austrian rule, Venice’s role was no longer one of a regional superpower and it gradually lipped into becoming a picturesque location with little political clout.

The politics of intrigue has been substituted by the politics of tourism, which provided the region with a major lifeline.

Culture Venice is world renowned for its festivals, and whilst some have been reinstated over the years for tourism purposes, they never fail to impress for their colour and sheer sophistication: Carnevale / Carnival, Festa della Sensa / Festival of the Ascension, Regata Storica / Historical regatta, Festa del Redentore / Feast of the Redeemer, Festa della Madonna della Salute / Our lady of Good Health and San Martino: the cake.

In Padua the famous Scrovegni Chapel, with Giotto’s frescoes, can be admired; the Civic Museum and the botanic garden, the oldest in Europe, can be admired.

In Treviso there is the Museum of the Casa Trevigiana with modern furniture and sculptures. Rovigo has the Gallery of the Concordi (Venetian school from the fifteenth to the eighteenth century) and the Civic Museum of the Polesine Civilization.

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