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Flores seems to be primitive nature gone wild, as evidenced from the peaks and hills that sweep steeply down towards the coast: from the blue mirrors of its seven lakes which shine out of the enveloping green. From the waterfalls cascading down from the top of the slopes towards the sea. Supposedly part of the lost Atlantis, Flores, along with S. Miguel makes up part of the western rim of the islands. History The discovery date of the islands of Flores is somewhat controversial, although it is known that it took place after that of the other islands. It is said that Flores was sighted in 1452 by Diogo de Teive and his son. Initially called São Tomás or Santa Iria, its name was soon changed to Flores, literally meaning "Flowers" on account of the abundance of wild flowers that covered the whole island, the seeds of which were possibly brought from North America, on the feathers of migratory birds. Far removed from the other islands, with few exports, Flores was almost completely isolated for centuries. The development of agriculture and stockbreeding, improvement of the port facilities, construction of an airport and the presence of a French satellite tracking station, are recent events that have opened new horizons for progress on the island.

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