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Boutique & Romantic Hotels in Sweden

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Sweden is a well of desire. Wide, open, nordic cold and summery fresh. Sweden unites contrasts, it is modern and mystic at the same time. The country is pioneer in environmental protection, an obvious step, regarding all the unique nature heritage, from Lapland in the north to numerous islands like Öland in the south. Dark, deep forests and wide, grey blue lakes, gleaming in the morning light, from afar surrounded by tiny, typical falun-red painted wooden houses. In the north of the country, during the white nights, it never gets dark. At this time, the Swedes will celebrate Midsommar, wearing traditional costumes, dancing around the maypole to traditional folk music, characterized by vivid, bright sounds from the fiddle, bagpipes and typical chants. Capital of Sweden is Stockhom, a town engaged in the dialogue between traditions and modernism. It spreads over 14 islands and is dominated by traditional architecture and a living, progressive atmosphere. Still, Sweden is associated with the gloomy, secret-shrouded viking civilization and Nordic mythology with it's various tales and stories of ancient, magic times, where God's where real and nature was wild. Maybe it is because of this heritage, maybe because of the vivid, colourful new ideas and styles that Sweden is today a country of unique spirit and character.

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