Capri - the Italian rock island



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Capri is an island, that convinces with its scenic beauty! The mild climate in the middle of the gulf of Neapel makes a lush vegetation possible and lift the spirits! 

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Hotels in Capri

We have selected for you unique hotels, cosy apartments and romantic getaways. Whatever you're looking for, we'll find the right place for your stay to make your stay in Capri as wonderful as possible!

Sightseeing in Capri

A trip to the famous villa Lysis can you easily combine with a little trekking tour.
Via Krupp, an architectural feat, has been renovated recently and can be visited for free.
On the contrary, the blue grotto is normally quite expensive due to the enormous tourist masses. A little hint: instead of being a typical tourist, you can explore the cave by swimming.
Do you want to enjoy the nature?
Let's trek on the path "Il Passetiello" to the top of the mountain Monte Solaro.
Capri also offers a lot of things for sporty people: trekking, hiking, sailing and scuba diving.

Gastronomy in Capri

In Capri, you can find the typical Italian cuisine at its best:
great pizza, delicious pasta and the popular antipasti.
But Capris top priority is definitely the fish: sea bass, gold rush, squids and every kind of seafood.

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