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Pico is like entering a miniature world built up over centuries by whalers, farmers and fishermen. It is a place of many contrasts, from the slopes of old volcanoes, the taste of fresh sweet figs and grapes to the enchanting panoramic views and snug villages overlooking the sea. The mountain seems to rise up from the sea and touch the sky. 

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We've put together the nicest hotels and apartments in Pico. Are you looking for a relaxing cottage in the nature? Do you want to enjoy a luxury boutique hotel? Or should it be a cosy bed & breakfast? Whatever you're looking for, we'll find the right place for you!

History of Pico

 After cattle had been introduced to Pico in the first half of the 15th century settlement begun with the arrival of natives from northern Portugal. It soon had its first town in the form of Lajes, followed by São Roque in 1542. The population initially concentrated on the growing of wheat and, to a limited extent, of woad, a dye-yielding plant exported to Flanders. These activities were soon joined by wine-growing and fishing. For centuries, however, the island lived practically at the margin of history. The presence of American whalers in the waters of the Azores from the end of the 18th century introduced a new activity in Pico - cachalot hunting which for years represented an important source of wealth for the island. Nowadays Pico is an island that is experiencing economic progress, made possible by the building of new ports and the airport, which was recently opened.

Activities in Pico

Let's visit the impressing whale museum in São João or the culture vine museum in Madalena.
The wine-growing region has even been protected y UNESCO in 2004.
Furthermore, you can have a look at the Gruta das Torres, a 5 km long lava tube.
Pico is the perfect place for a beach holiday but it also offers scuba diving, trekking and biking. You'll never get bored!

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