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I bumped into a great web site for finding special lodging treats - The majority of its listings are in Spain and Portugal, but they have Italy, France, Morocco and some of the areas islands as well. The site is clean, crisp, pleasing to the eye, and best of all very well designed for searching. I love their listings. And that is where I found our week in Galicia!

The New York Times is as elegant in its functionality as it is in its looks. The Secretplaces language refers to the site's stated mission to show travelers often overlooked eateries, sights and particurlarly hotels. Secretplaces uses a map highlighting cities in various regions. Part of the site's charm is its unusual approach to helping visitors refine their selections. In the places to stay section for Castlla-Leons region of Spain, for instance, users can choose from Fine Address, Manor House ad countryside, among others. They will endear themselves to those with a taste for subtlelty and randomnsess

Virgin Express in-flight magazine

There’s much to delight the imaginative tourist on the border between southern Spain and Portugal...All hotels were booked through, an internet service specialising in unique, hidden hotels and properties in Spain and Portugal. Secretplaces pride themselves on their high service level and are happy to organise a bespoke itinerary or simply suggest the perfect location for your holiday.

The Times of London

A very sexy site. It enables viewers to see inferior and exterior shots of their chosen hotels with a description, price and write up. The graphics are fantastic and illustrate just how good a website can be.

The News

If I hadn't actually used this service I wonder how something that sounded so great could be all that it claimed to be. But now that I have used it succesfully, I can attest to the excellence of service and vouch for the uniqueness of its lodgings. Anyone who wants to use a truly special way to experience Portugal or Spain is well advised to contact

The Irish Times

An excellent site offering an interactive travel guide to exceptional hotels and lodgings.

The Independent

Madrid's hotels are smartening up. For good suggestions visit

The Place

A new concept in travel guides to exceptional hotels in lodgings.

Lux Woman 

Secretplaces is an excellent guide for those looking to visit the Iberian Peninsula. The graphics are attractive and easy to use. It offers a wide variety of information on gastronomy, activities, places to visit, accommodations, history, among many other things.


Secretplaces not only helps you find a cosy holiday spot. It is a well presented travel guide that provides tips on sightseeing and activities as well as interesting information on culture and history on the different regions. With one click on the map, the user will have access to information on the on the land and people as well as elegant holiday accommodations. The Secretplaces team has tested every single one of the promoted hotels and guesthouses.