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La Gomera is an island with a lot of tradition. The friendly, forthright people include dancing and singing in their daily life and thereby offer a wonderful inside view into the culture of the Canaries.
You can be looking forward to amazing hiking tours, picturesque landscapes and a hospitable nation!

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We have found for you the best, most authentic and special places to stay in La Gomera. Even in a restored manor house on the countryside or a traditional Canary Island Parador near the sea. For sure you'll find the right place!

Activities in La Gomera

 A brief journey through the most important towns of La Gomera will lead in the south to the small fishing port of Playa de Santiago; in the west to the curious town of Chipude, to the foot of the impressive natural monument of La Fortaleza, and to the picturesque villages of Agulo and Hermigua. Remnants of pre-Hispanic traditions contribute to create the atmosphere of a wild and primitive place. Gastronomy Gomeran cuisine has similar characteristics to the other Canary islands but with its own nuances. 

A gastronomic secret tip: Almogrote, a tasty spread made of cured cheese elaborated with goat's milk, garlic and red pepper.

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