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Madrid is surely one of the liveliest, most happening cities in Europe, if not the world.
Famous for its "Movida", or groove scene which mixes counter culture with good food, and simply just having a good time, it comes alive just most other cities are going to bed. And its energy is infectious.

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Madrid boutique and hip hotels

Madrid, the Spanish capital-city is the perfect place to stay! The local culture, the art- and event scene, fashion, high-society and Football are only a few of the discoveries waiting to be explored during your holidays in Spain. We have made a selection of delightful boutique hotels, bed and breakfasts and guesthouses in order to grant you an unforgettable stay.

Madrid - nightlife

Madrid is known for its vivid nightlife offering a huge choice of events and concerts, from jazz over flamenco to rock music. Don’t miss to visit one of the countless live-music places the city has to offer and don’t be amazed if you get home at daybreak – the nights here can be endless! Morning time is the best time to try one of the Spanish breakfast specialities. “Churros” are freshly baked pastries filled with melted chocolate. The perfect way to start your day and recover strength, before you discover the city’s famous monuments like the Prado or the Reina Sofia museu

Madrid - cuisine

Madrid is a melting pot for the cuisines from all over the peninsula. A good number of dishes, however, are typical. Among them, the cocido madrileño; a stew combining chickpeas with vegetables (cabbage, celery, carrots, turnips and potatoes) and chicken, beef and pork, which is turned into a huge succulent meal. Madrid's sweet tradition can be seen in its desserts; from torrijas (a type of French toast), typical in the springtime and linked to Holy Week, to the barquillos (rolled wafers) and bartolillos con crema (a type of small pie with custard).
In Madrid, as well as in the rest of Spain, the tapa (savoury morsels of a variety of dishes served as appetizers) is an old gastronomic tradition. You can find numerous establishments specialized in serving these tapas. "Ir de tapeo" (going out for tapas) is a tradition; hundreds of bars scattered throughout the streets of Madrid serve a tapa accompanied by a small glass of wine or beer.

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