Coronavirus: when to travel and where

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Many of us have stopped planning our next holiday or have even been cancelling our reservations due to the uncertainties of the COVID-19 crisis. Nobody knows when we will be able to travel again and within which areas. The curves have been flattening, but the travel restrictions might continue until June. On the other hand, many of us are at home, dreaming of the places we had intended to go to or would love to go when the Covid-19 lockdown is over.

Where to go?

It is safest to think of shorter distances, preferably by car. We often postpone visiting our own country or the neighbouring country for being so close, leaving it for an indefinite future date. But there are wonderful places that would leave us just as enchanted even if they don't have flashy names like the Maldives. And we must not forget that a journey by car is often more rewarding and is a bit of an adventure.

What to book?

At the moment it is more logical to book small hotels, apartments or villas where there is less interaction and the handling of the possibility of changing dates, cancellations and payment conditions is more flexible and personalized. Our small accommodations are run by people who view each reservation not as a number, but as a guest they want to welcome in the best possible way.

When to book?

No one knows when life will return to normal again. It is best to keep your travel planning fluid. There are currently some great deals and unprecedented cancellation policies. You can book a great offer for this summer and if you are not able to go cancel it at no cost or postpone it to a future date.

Secretplaces can help you

To obtain the best offers with more flexible policies contact Secretplaces. First we love helping travelers find the best destination in accordance to their taste and budget. We are aware of the latest discounts and policy changes during this period and are in constant contact with our carefully selected accommodations. Together with them we can help you find the perfect place to stay. Please also note that many of our most secret places are not on our site.

It is more important than ever to practice responsible tourism

Tourism is important for Europe. Traveling really helps this sector, one of the most affected by the crisis. By planning a future visit you are supporting the small establishments and help that this fragile wonderful market does not disappear, leaving everything to the large companies or hotel chains. At the moment, our biggest tip is to "be safe at home”. But why not dream!


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