The Irish must surely be one the most gregarious, fun loving people in Europe. Almost everything or any time is an excuse for a “craic”, that quintessentially Irish word meaning “good conversation, entertainment and fun”. It sums up the Irish way of life down to a tee.
That’s just the intangibles. Ireland is also famed for its utterly stunning scenery that takes in lavishly green landscapes, lakes, sea, mountains and wild open spaces of jaw dropping beauty. We have no idea why Mother Nature blessed this small Atlantic island with so much scenery and character, but we’re thankful it did. From the Kerry Mountains to the Wicklow hills – it’s all there in glorious green.

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Welcome to our singular selection of romantic and stylish hotels in Ireland. Secretplaces selects only those truly special accommodations with soul. Whatever your reasons to travel to Ireland be it of drinking a Guinness in a typical Irish pub, the thrill of staying at a boutique hotel in Dublin or a charming manor house in the Irish midlands, Secretplaces will help you find the perfect spot.

Ireland - What to see and do

Any trip to Ireland must include Dublin within its itinerary. This walkable city has plenty of Culture, Arts and culinary options to keep any visitor very satisfied. Often overlooked by its other UK neighbours, Ireland has plenty of hidden secrets, especially its perfectly secluded and sandy beaches that are unknown to most. 

Ireland’s countryside is beautiful and worthy of all its praise, however, Irelands second city: Cork, is another fantastic city escape. This young and vibrant city provides the perfect escape with its fantastic shopping experience and beautiful and colourful architecture. 

Galway, a beautiful bohemian harbour city on the West coast of Ireland with great beaches and is well known for hosting plenty of big festivals throughout the year including the Galway International Arts Festival which has been running in this city since 1987, showcasing the best in dancing, street performance, literature, street art and music. The National Aquarium is a great option for young families. 

Ireland - Gastronomy

Ireland is famous for its strong drinking heritage and culture, especially through the production of the famous stout beer: Guinness. Irish whiskey is equally famous around the globe and there is no shortage of visitor-friendly distilleries to incorporate into your itinerary. 

Gastronomy in Ireland focuses on the basics: the fresh, green pastures help provide the freshest selection of beef, lamb, cheeses and creamy butter which influence the local dishes. 



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