Midlands - Fairytale landscapes

The midlands - as the name already revolves - lie in the middle of Ireland, consisting of four counties. Its Irish name, which should not be unnamed as the Irish are proud of their culture and the Irish Gaelic language, is Lár na Tíre. The landscape is mainly mountains, forests, bog land and wild rivers. Most impressive about this region is the strong green of the grass, which you can find almost in whole Ireland. This part of the country is mostly unexplored, but it has a lot of cultural, archaeological and historical treasures to discover and especially the local people are very friendly and happy to welcome visitors.

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Midlands Hotel

Our special hotel for you in the Midlands of Ireland is a nice boutique hotel in a fairy-tale cottage. It is a rural and traditional house, which makes it a perfect starting point for excursions. With its big rooms and lots of space, it is also ideal for families.

Midlands & East Coast - What to see and do

The Midlands and East Coast of Ireland has everything from coastline to mountains. If you are into playing golf, you can find some of Ireland’s finest golf courses in the Midlands. Birr Castle is arguably the highlight of any trip to the Midlands, this 900 room castle is only open to the public during the summer months but is well worth the trip. 

The East Coast has numerous castles and impressive buildings worth visiting, but the Hook Head Lighthouse is a great option; this 13th century lighthouse is one of the oldest in the world and is still operated to this day. Glendalough and the `valley of the two lakes` offers some stunning walking trails around the lakes and ancient buildings. 

Midlands & East Coast - Gastronomy

Travelling all over the East Coast and Midlands you will be able to find a whole range of stylish restaurants and eateries, from small-scale farm-to-plate cafes and restaurants all the way to stylish gastropubs. 



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