Where to stay in Ibiza

Ibiza is a beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea. It belongs to the Balearic Islands, a group of islands in eastern Spain. The island is famous for its beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters, rocky coves and spectacular landscapes. 

Besides the beautiful natural environment, Ibiza also has a rich history and culture to discover. The island was once an important trade route and was influenced by different cultures such as the Romans, Moors or Catalans. The old town of Ibiza Town (Eivissa) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and offers many historical sights, such as the Cathedral of Santa Maria, the fortress walls and the archaeological museum. Stay in a stylish luxury hotel or a beautiful boutique hotel in Ibiza Town.

Ibiza is also known for its nightlife and the vibrant party scene on the island. There are many clubs and bars here that attract visitors from all over the world. The electronic music scene in particular is considered one of the best in the world. 

But for those who prefer relaxation and tranquillity, there are also many quiet corners in Ibiza that are ideal for relaxing and lingering. There are a number of small coves and beaches that are perfect for simply unwinding. But various activities such as water sports, hiking, cycling or yoga are also possible on the island.

Activities in Ibiza

On the island, be sure to explore the unspoilt coves and beaches that are not as crowded as the popular spots. Some of our favourites are Cala Llentrisca, Cala Xuclar and Cala Saladeta.

Also, take a boat tour around the island or visit one of the nearby islands, such as Formentera. These boat trips give you the opportunity to experience the island's breathtaking landscapes and also take a refreshing swim in the picturesque bays. The island of Formentera, which only takes about 30 minutes by ferry from Ibiza, offers excellent opportunities for snorkelling and diving, but you can also go on great hikes here.

The various hippie markets in Ibiza are also worth a visit to buy nice little things or clothes. At the hippie market "Las Dalias" in Sant Carles de Peralta you can find clothes, jewellery and culinary delicacies. However, the market is only open on Saturdays. Or you can visit the San Juan Market in Sant Joan de Labritja, which is always open on Sundays. It not only has many colourful market stands, but also live music, which makes for a wonderful atmosphere. With all markets, it's best to get there early so you can stroll around and soak up the atmosphere.

Also visit the different small towns on the island. They have a lot to offer and are usually a little quieter. San Miguel is a nice town, located in the north of the island and a bit away from the party scene in Ibiza. San Miguel offers beautiful sandy beaches, a great setting for walking, charming little shops and a number of architecturally great churches. Find our exclusive luxury hotels and beautiful country inns in San Miguel here.

Stroll through the small artists' village of Santa Gertrudis. Santa Gertrudis is very centrally located in the heart of the island and has many great boutiques for fashion or jewellery and a charming traditional flair. Here you will find not only chic modern villas but also a picturesque market square with both traditional eateries and typical hippie cafés. We found an elegant luxury hotel, modern and furnished with attention to detail, in Santa Gertrudis - a real secret place!

Santa Eulalia is a popular holiday resort for families and anyone looking for peace and relaxation. The place has a wide sandy beach and a palm tree lined promenade. Santa Eulalia is also known for its gastronomic and cultural diversity - art galleries, an exclusive marina and great restaurants complete your stay to perfection. Whether you are looking for a cosy bed & breakfast or a beautiful luxury hotel - we have put together the best accommodation in Santa Eulalia for you.

The island also offers a variety of outdoor activities that attract sports enthusiasts of all ages. Water sports are very popular in Ibiza. You can go diving, snorkelling, kayaking or jet skiing. But there are also ideal conditions for sailing or windsurfing on the island. If you prefer to go on land, you can go on great cycling tours, for example. One of the most beautiful routes is the one from San Carlos to Santa Eulalia, which offers a particularly varied natural environment. Ibiza also offers a range of yoga and Pilates classes in relaxing surroundings.


Best Beaches in Ibiza

The South of Ibiza is home to some of the most stunning beaches on the island, each with its own unique charm and character. Ses Salines, for instance, located in the Natural Park of Cap des Falco, is less of a beach and more of an exceptional location to watch the sun set while savoring a delicious drink or a bite at the Beach restaurant. A long, white stretch of sand and a choice of decent places to eat make it a must-visit spot.

Es Cavallet is another long stretch of fine sand surrounded by protected land and is also part of the Nature Reserve of Ses Salines. The sea on this side is often choppy due to eastern winds and ferry traffic. La Escollera, one of the very few seaside restaurants open all year, is located here and offers a wide variety of menu items ranging from meat and fish to vegetarian dishes.

Cala Jonda, with its trendy chiringuitos such as Casa Jondal and the well-known Blue Marlin, sets the tone for the typical "southern" vibe and crowd to be expected on the beach. Sa Caleta, on the other hand, is a lovely sandy beach not far from Ibiza airport. The Sa Caleta restaurant is an excellent option for lunch, as most of their veggies are sourced locally from organic farms. Cala Bonita is a beautifully preserved sandy beach with a rather "sophisticated" chiringuito, perfect for when you're near Ibiza town and feel like escaping for a swim in crystal-clear waters. In the pursuit of discovering the hidden gems of the south, The Cala Llentrisca lies beyond the last urbanization on the Es Cubells route. While a barrier may block your way, a simple declaration of your destination to the vigilant guard will allow you to pass and receive directions to park at the very end of the road. From there, a trail beckons, promising a descent of 10 to 15 minutes, but with suitable footwear, the reward is a direct path to paradise. Beyond its obvious beauty and striking hues, Cala Llentrisca is renowned for its remarkable snorkeling and diving opportunities. Beneath the pristine waters of this secluded cove, a world of wonders awaits those willing to venture beneath the surface. Cala Es Niu de S'Aguila, nestled beside a tranquil stretch of turquoise waters, is a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered. One of the most distinguishing features of this captivating cove are the four rugged rocks that emerge almost in parallel from the depths below

The West of Ibiza with Es Cuco, One of our favorites beaches, coincidentally, happens to be situated near our preferred boutique hotel in Ibiza, "Es Cucons” . The beach is alluring rocky bay boasting an array of mesmerizing blue tones, is no easy destination to reach. With no signposts marking the way, and Google Maps providing little guidance, discovering this hidden gem requires more than just a keen sense of direction.

The real challenge lies in pinpointing the exact spot where one must park their vehicle, and in this regard, allow me to offer my assistance. Approximately 800 meters before reaching Cala Porroig, take a sharp right turn onto an unpaved track, demarcated by a small sign that reads 'Cana Sylvia.' Soon after, you'll discover a small clearing that serves as the perfect spot for parking. After taking in the breathtaking views from the cliff-top, a narrow path leading sharply downwards towards the cove will reveal itself.

Once you arrive at the cove, it's only a 10-minute stroll to the beachfront. The path is not especially challenging, but it is steep, and covered in loose stones, so be sure to wear appropriate footwear. In the event that you struggle to locate the path, I suggest venturing towards Cala Porroig, and asking for directions. Surely, someone will be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

Cala Salada and Saladeta, offers greats sunset, but parking nearby can be challenging during high season. Cala Gracióneta, a small, beautiful beach near San Antonio, is worth the drive from the North to enjoy its nicely decorated Chiringuito and tasty food. Facing the enchanting rock of Es Vedrà, Cala D’hort has a magical vibe, but during the tourist season, it can be crowded with limited parking during peak times. However, reservations are recommended for lunch at either Es Boldado or El Carmen restaurants, both offering an incredible view for fish lovers.

Least but not last is Calla Tarida, the beach is surrounded by cliffs covered with green pine trees, providing a picturesque backdrop for sunbathers and beachgoers, is considered a family-friendly beach with shallow waters, making it a safe option for children to play and swimming.

The North of Ibiza is home to some stunning beaches, such as Cala Xarraca, a family beach with stunning views and perfect for snorkeling. S’illot Des Rencli is a preserved spot with crystal-clear water and a small sandy stretch surrounded by rocks, and the local restaurant serves fabulous traditional Spanish cuisine and bocadillos to take away. Cala Xucla is a tiny but exceptional sandy cove with a cozy chiringuito right on the beach, serving amazing fish and cocktails during the summer season.

The East of Ibiza is home to some of the island's most charming and secluded beaches, such as Cala Mastella, a small cove with a little stretch of sand and crystal-clear waters. Crossing the rocks on the left-hand side of the bay leads you to the legendary restaurant El Bigotes, famous for its local fish dish called Bullit de Peix. Reservations are essential, as this spot is a must-visit for any seafood lover.

Cala Nova, on the other hand, is a sandy beach with shallow and clear waters that offer a perfect spot for swimming and sunbathing. It features a couple of excellent restaurants, such as Restaurante Cala Nova, which boasts incredible views and fresh fish, Aiyanna, great for drinks, and Amorigen, known for its homemade pizzas occasionally accompanied by live music. On a windy day, Cala Nova becomes a surfer's paradise, with its big waves attracting surf enthusiasts from all over the island.

Cala Olivera is a tiny, beautiful, and hidden yet popular sandy beach, offering a peaceful escape from the busier beaches. A traditional chiringuito serves up delicious fresh sardines that perfectly complement the beautiful surroundings. So if you're looking for a quiet spot to unwind and indulge in some of the island's best seafood, Cala Olivera is a must-visit destination on your East Ibiza itinerary.

Gastronomy in Ibiza

Ibiza not only has great scenery and an exciting nightlife but also a diverse, delicious cuisine. The local cuisine is strongly influenced by Mediterranean cooking.

The tapas culture is particularly common in Ibiza. These small dishes are often served with wine or sangria and shared with family and friends. Tapas offer a wide variety - from vegetables or classic patatas bravas to grilled fish or seafood, everyone will find something that suits them.

If you want to discover more of the local cuisine, be sure to try Zarzuela or Bullit de Peix. Zarzuela is a famous seafood stew that can be found in many restaurants. Bullit de Peix is another highlight of local gastronomy. This is a boiled fish cooked in a pot with potatoes and a specially seasoned sauce. Toasted almonds and saffron round off the dish at the end. Bullit de Peix is served with mild alioli.

Also, be sure to visit one of the many traditional farmers' markets that can be found in many towns. Here you will find the best fresh fruit and vegetables or delicate cheeses. 

Lastly, try the local herbal liqueur, Hierbas Ibicencas. This is made from a mixture of different herbs and is a favourite after-dinner drink.