Finding unique places to stay for more than 20 years. Here are our most beautiful discoveries in Ibiza
Yes, Ibiza is unique. There is no other place in the Mediterranean quite like it. The sea water which wash the Balearic Island are the same, but in Ibiza you only need to bring simplicity, phantasy, and the ability to enjoy being among the largest concentration of beautiful people anywhere. Come in spring, when only the right people are here, stay over the summer, when all the wrong people start setting, and spend the autumn here as well, when the water is warmest, the air fresh and the island half way locked up. Ibiza is an island for all seasons, that is if you have the full range of moods within you. Ibiza is much more that a popular destination to excellent nightclubs. To discover we have the best selection of romantic hotels in Ibiza and also boutique hotels to go with the family. We highlight a selection of small bed & breakfasts, seaside and luxury Ibiza lodgings and also villas to rent.
Our handpicked selection of beautiful, small boutique hotels, luxury hideaways, holiday homes and villas in Ibiza

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