Sicily – the "Queen of the Mediterranean Islands" with beautiful beaches and impressive mountain ranges

Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean, will captivate you with its diversity. From mighty mountain ranges - Peloritani, Nebrodi, Madonie, Iblei - to beautiful coasts, as well as some smaller islands, such as Eolie, Lipari, Ustica Egadi, Pantelleria and Pelagie, Sicily offers something for every taste. Last but not least, the island is home to the largest active volcano in Europe, Mount Etna. On the coasts you will find steep rocky cliffs on the one hand and on the other flat, idyllic sandy beaches with crystal-clear turquoise water inviting you to swim and snorkel. 

Originally, Sicily was a Greek colony. The Hellenistic heritage is significant and not to be overlooked, but Romanesque and Norman traces can also be found here, making the island a real treasure chest of European history. The capital Palermo, located in the northwest of the island, is definitely worth a visit and offers an interesting culture such as Byzantine mosaics, German imperial tombs and Baroque churches. In smaller towns such as Catania or Agrigento you will also find numerous remains of architecture from different cultures and archaeological sites.

Sicily is a year-round destination. For a relaxing beach holiday, the months of June, July and September are ideal. During this time, the sea has a pleasant temperature and it is not unbearably hot. Spring and September to November are good times for hiking or touring the island. So Sicily has something to offer for every type of holiday: whether you are looking for a relaxing beach holiday, want to experience interesting culture, would like to discover the delicious Sicilian cuisine or are planning an active holiday with hiking and water sports - everyone will find what they are looking for on this versatile Italian Mediterranean island.

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Where to stay in Sicily?

We from Secretplaces have travelled to Sicily to find you the most beautiful hotels and holiday homes available here - off the beaten track and with lots of authenticity and charm. From lovely boutique hotels in picturesque Sicilian villages, holiday flats on the beach overlooking the sea or impressive holiday villas surrounded by nature and mountains - there is something here for every type of holiday. Whether you are looking for a lovingly furnished bed & breakfast, a quiet country inn or a cosy self-catering holiday home, you will find what you are looking for in our collection. Enjoy your stay in a boutique hotel in Syracuse, for example, or any other of the many offers.

What to do in Sicily?

The beautiful bays with white sandy beaches invite you to swim and snorkel, or relax with a book simply enjoying the sun. During a boat trip you can discover the many small islands that surround Sicily. Divers of all experience levels can enjoy the underwater scenery around the spectacular Isola Bella, and travellers can even learn how to catch the fish that feature on Sicilian menus. The south-east coast and the north coast of Sicily between the towns of Miazzo and Cefalu are particularly popular amongst windsurfers because of the excellent wind conditions, and you will also find plenty of options for sailing trips. If you are looking for action in the countryside, the ideal starting point for mountain bike tours is the town of Cefalu, which lies at the foot of the Madonie mountain ranges. The most dominant feature of the Sicilian mountain landscape is the volcano Etna, a highlight not to be missed. Guided walks allow for safe exploration on foot, while 4x4 vehicle tours and independent quad bike excursions are also action-packed alternatives. 

If you are interested in the culture and history of Sicily, you can walk through the ruins of ancient Greek temples and visit the Valley of the Temples near Agrigento. Other well-preserved Greek ruins are located in Segesta and near Syracuse, so you can circle the island in search of ancient Greece.

What to eat in Sicily?

Sicily not only has great beaches and lots to see, but also very delicious food. Sicilian cuisine is thousands of years old and has influences from various Mediterranean countries. To sum it up: Pasta, pesce e pasticceria (pasta, fish and desserts). First you get antipasti, which often includes arancini (fried rice balls) and vegetables sautéed in olive oil. Macaroni are often used for pasta dishes, with pasta alla Norma (aubergines, tomatoes and feta cheese) the most typical. The second course is often fish or sumptuous meat roulades. For dessert, cassata (layer cake made of sponge cake, ricotta and candied fruit) is traditional or you can try one of the delicious ice creams. One thing is for sure: Sicily is a place to enjoy great food and a great destination for gourmets.



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