West, Galway & Mayo as a Destination

West, Galway and Mayo - What to see and do

Those visiting the West of Ireland will experience the true rugged coastline which is brimming with small ports, islands and peninsulas. 

Galway is one of the most popular cities in this part of Ireland. The narrow, cobbled streets are full of independent shops and the pubs are colourfully painted, creating a relaxed, bohemian atmosphere to this harbour city. 

Mayo is Ireland`s third biggest County and offers the perfect balance between beautiful beaches, crystal clear lakes and steep mountains trails with outstanding scenery. 

West, Galway and Mayo - Gastronomy

Galway is famous for its Oysters – the Galway Oyster and seafood festival offers the perfect opportunity to try this local delicacy. Whilst the clean and clear waters are home to fresh trout and salmon. 

Ireland and West Galway have been designated a European Region of Gastronomy 2018- with over 12,000 farms, 689km of coastline and over 350 restaurants, food truly lies at the heart of this region – gastronomy lies at the epicentre of this part of Ireland. 

Galway food tours is an excellent option to sample a wide range of local food and produce, this two hour culinary walking tour combine sightseeing with food tasting – from cheesemakers to artisan chocolatiers, this allows to taste every aspect of the local food and drink scene.