Vineyards in Bandol, trekking in Esterel, kite surfing in Presqu'île de Giens and trips to the islands Porquerolles and Port-Cros: This is Var.
Impossible to forget: the world-famous gulf Saint-Tropez.
Enjoy the impressive nature and watch the crème de la crème at the beach!

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Activities in Var

Saint Tropez is probably the most famous place in Var: Jet Set, Champagne, beaches and yachts. It's where you meet the beautiful and the rich. But besides this famous fishermen village, there are many beautiful beaches, unbelievable islands and dreamy towns in Var.

Ramatuelle is only a few kilometers away from St. Tropez. Perched on a hill top, this medieval village is a picturesque labyrinth of narrow streets and alleys overgrown with lush vegetation and fragrant flowers. The narrow alleys are boasting with small boutiques and work shops by artisans, painters, and jewelry makers.

Toulon is a place that is despite its location between St. Tropez, Marseille and Nice, just at the seaside, not yet known by tourists. Here, you'll find the true Provence. On the markets, it smells like thyme, lavender and sea. Just next to Toulon, there are beautiful beaches and the Iles d'Hyeres which boasts with a natural underwater park around the island Port-Cros. Just dive into it!

And if you like to hike, you'll love the Masif de L'Esterel. The soil and rocks of the range are of volcanic origin, composed mainly of porphyry, which gives the hills a red colour. It's a truly amazing nature spectacle. When you're already in the region, you should also visit the cathedral Fréjus. The baptistery of the cathedral is a fine example of Merovingian architecture. It was built in the 5th century but hidden during later reconstruction, and was rediscovered in 1925 by French architect Jules Formigé. It is considered the oldest Christian structure in Provence, and one of the oldest in France.

Gastronomy in Var

The South of France offers a fantastic cuisine. When travelling there, you should definitely try some fresh fish, lobster and crayfish in one of the many charming restaurants in the region. Toulon is famous for its 'Chapon' (Bigscale scorpion fish), in Bandol however, you'll find great wine. Stroll through the vineyards and visit a cellar to try the wine!



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