Guide to the most beautiful luxury and boutique hotels and holiday homes in the province of Florence

The province of Florence is a beautiful travel destination in Tuscany, known for its historic cities, breathtaking landscapes, and excellent cuisine. With over one million inhabitants, it is the second largest of the ten Tuscan provinces. Of course, the city of Florence with its cultural and historical sights is the most popular destination.

We have put together a selection of particularly beautiful vacation apartments, charming holiday homes, the best boutique hotels in the province of Florence and great luxury hotels for you. The province has a lot to offer for an unforgettable vacation. For example, Badia a Passignano, an imposing monastery in the middle of vineyards. In the immediate vicinity of the monastery are old wine cellars where the best wine in the region can be tasted.

The town of San Donato also charms with its unspoiled beauty. The charming town is located halfway between Siena and Florence and exudes medieval charm. There is much to discover - a medieval city gate, the Gothic church of Santa Maria della Neve, or the impressive Palazzo Malaspina.

Also located in the famous wine region of Chianti is the town of Panzano. Located centrally in the region, the town is perfect as a base for a vacation but also as a destination. Stay in a beautiful country inn in Panzano. Traditions are clearly visible here: during the annual costume festival in April or the wine festival, Vino al vino, in September.

Finally, you should definitely visit Greve. Greve is a picturesque, medieval village located in the middle of the vineyards of Chianti. Here you will find local wineries, traditional trattorias, and a relaxed, rural atmosphere. The pretty town offers many small shops as well as a rich variety of art and history to discover. In Greve, you will find one of our handpicked luxury hotels, which impresses above all with its uniqueness and attention to detail.

Activities in the Province of Florence

In the province of Florence, it is of course the capital for which there are thousands of reasons to visit - the wonderful museums and impressive art that you can experience live here, luxurious fashion houses or the unique Tuscan cuisine are just a few of them. Florence is home to special treasures of art and architecture. The city is therefore a veritable paradise for art and culture enthusiasts. It offers an incredible amount of sights for every taste. Florence's cathedral, Santa Maria del Fiore, is one of the city's most important landmarks and an architectural masterpiece. At the cathedral there is also a museum that exhibits the special treasures of the church, and here you can also find other works from the Renaissance. For culinary delights, the Mercato Centrale should be visited. In the large market hall you can find fresh fruit, vegetables, fish and meat as well as regional specialities every day. Perhaps the most beautiful view of the city is from Piazzale Michelangelo, but you should wait for the right time to avoid the large crowds of tourists. 

But also the surrounding area, from Fiesole with its breathtaking view of Florence to Mugello in the north and Greve in Chianti and San Casciano de Val de Pesa, delights with history and beautiful scenery.

Gastronomy in the Province of Florence

Tuscan cuisine has a unique variety, as Tuscany is both by the sea and has agricultural areas and livestock farming. From meat to fish, vegetables, fruit or cheese, everything can be found in Tuscany - each region, including the province of Florence, brings its own specialities to the kitchen. The focus of the cuisine is on high-quality regional and seasonal ingredients. 

The world-famous Florentine steak, grilled with olive oil and seasoned with regional spices, is a speciality found in the region. Chianina beef is an ancient Tuscan breed known for its particularly tasty meat.

The region's olive oil in particular is considered to be of very high quality, as Tuscany has a large supply of olive trees. The bread in the region, the "Pane Sciocco" is traditionally prepared without salt.

The Crostini Toscani are also a culinary highlight of the regional cuisine. The delicious snacks consist of toasted bread spread with a mixture of liver, capers and anchovies. They are a popular aperitif in Florence and Tuscany.

Ribollita is also considered a particular speciality of the region. It is a hearty stew consisting of bread, beans, vegetables and garlic. It is usually drizzled with olive oil and served with a piece of bread.

You should also try the great wines from the region. Chianti, a dry red wine, is considered the epitome of high quality Italian wine and is perfect as a wine with dinner. 

So let yourself be seduced by the various culinary highlights of the province of Florence.