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It is Venice that is the obvious crown jewel of the Veneto region, but there is much more to this marvellous part of Italy. Just think of the majestic mountain range of the Dolomites, the dense forests of Cadore, the lush green of the floodplains of the river Po, endless kilometers of Adriatic coastline and not to mention the historic towns. Verona, scene of the world’s most famous love story, turns centre stage for opera lovers from all over the world once a year.  The venerable university town of Padua guards the relics of the holy Antonius and Vicenza boasts the beautiful buildings of the Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio. You should also not miss to visit the medieval quarters of Treviso, the underrated gateway to Venice. This historic town has a beguiling charm all its own: Renaissance squares, palaces, richly frescoed churches, streets threaded with ancient waterways.

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