Oualidia - beaches, oysters and great seafood

Located on Morocco’s Atlantic seaboard Oualidia (pronounced 'Wa-lid-ya') was, in days gone by, part of the Barbary Coast where it was frequently subject to incursions by Portuguese colonists and pirates.
Nowadays, its claim to fame is much more sedentary. Though the town itself may be best described as typically non-descript, basically it is made up of a street and some shops, it does have two major claims to fame. The fabulous beach and lagoon – so attractive are they that in the 1950’s Mohammed (grandfather of the current king) built a palace there (now overgrown with trees and flora) and the production of oysters.
They are sold everywhere through out town at great prices. Its combination of excellent beach, lack of major tourist infrastructures and Moroccan feel – it is a place where well heeled families flock to in the summer – make it an interesting location to spend some lazy Atlantic days without the hard sell of commercialism.

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