The natural idyll: Carinthia

On the south side of the Alps lies sunny Carinthia, a southern province of Austria, bordering Slovenia and Italy.

A wonderful summer holiday does not always have to be by the sea, as the Austrian region of Carinthia proves. It lies on the south side of the Alps and has breathtaking natural surroundings that you can explore on foot or by bike. 

Beautiful lakes invite you to sit down for a while and cool off in the water on warm days.

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The best hotels in Carinthia

Looking for that quaint traditional guesthouse or a stylish boutique hotel in Carinthia? Maybe a hotel on a lake with great local dishes and wonderful views from the room. Whatever your reasons to travel, be it a family holiday, a romantic getaway or the thrill of staying at a lakeside hotel high in the Alps, Secretplaces will help find the perfect spot in Carinthia.

Gastronomy in Carinthia

Nature is not the only reason to visit the southernmost province of Austria. The local gastronomy is also very convincing. It has Austrian, Slovenian and Italian influences, is very varied and above all full of fresh ingredients. Very popular are dishes are based around the fish species pikeperch and trout as well as dishes made of chestnut noodles. This is a very thinly rolled pasta dough, which is formed into a fist-sized bag. The dough can be filled with various ingredients. There is no limit to your imagination: the fillings range from porcini mushroom fillings and meat fillings to the sweet variant with dried pears with curd cheese.

Lakes in Carinthia

The Weißensee is our insider tip in Carinthia. It's not quite as well known as the other lakes, but it has some really beautiful spots. The natural lake is 11 kilometres long and up to 99 metres deep. As it is colder than the other surrounding lakes, it is a good cool in summer. Around the lake there are several cycle and hiking trails, which also lead to various mountain peaks. 

Another lake in Carinthia is the Klopeinersee. With a summer water temperature of 29 degrees it is one of the warmest lakes in the region. Here, too, there is a great cycle route, which usually runs evenly around the lake.



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