Antwerp - a historic and architectural treasure chest

Antwerp is the most populated of the four provinces in Flanders. Full of history, the city preserved some of its old buildings from the Middle Ages, over the Gothic, renaissance, Barack, classicism until the modern architecture. The region is well known for the comic walls of some houses and the haven with the biggest lock in the world. The climate in Antwerp in mild and maritime with many rainy days. Local specialities that you should try are the Antwerp Handjes, the beer Bolleke and the liqueur Elixier d´Envers.

Antwerp Hotels

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Antwerp Activities

Many buildings with fascinating architecture, important churches and museums still tell about the strong history of this region. The museums, lots of them are about art, are especially a good idea on rainy days. A special attraction is the visit of the De Ruien, the underground of Antwerp. De Ruien are natural and artificial waterways under the streets of the city. During your visit, you will discover a lot about their and the cities history. Visiting the oldest brewery of the city is also a Must Do.

Even families will find enough activities, which might be the Zoo of Antwerp or the little farm for children. Boat trips are very famous, but you can also discover the region on foot or bike.

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