Brussels the heart of Europe

Brussels, capital of Belgium, is a little wonder. Charming, gentle, with good taste, maybe a bit too much kitsch, but a big heart and a warm welcoming culture. Every season will brings new facets of the town to life. In spring, thousands of blossoms will line the tiny balcony on the old, stuccoes houses while autumn will paint the leaves of Warandersparc's lime trees in all shades of yellow and brown. Winter is charming here, when thousands of petite chocolatiers, quaint cafés and little restaurants will temp tourists and locals likewise to seek shelter from the cold, while the sweet smell of waffles will fill the tidy cobble stone streets. The historic city centre is full of art – from being the capital of comics, with home made creations like Lucky Luke or the Adventures of Tintin but also a historic venue for surrealists, there are just too many good museums or street art gems or to be marvelled at to make Brussels Region a one time date.

Brussels Region boutique hotels

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