Ceará - beaches, sun and a warm breeze

Being located on the Atlantic coast makes this "Land of the Sun" one of Brazil’s main tourist destinations with attractions for all tastes: from Jericoacoara, with its immense white dunes, to the Buggy and 4x4 rides in Canoa Quebrada, or buying embroidery, hammocks and typical plateS.
But the state is best known for its extensive coast, with 573 kilometers of sand blessed by sun all year round, though it also has great extensions of mountains and “sertões”, such as the great valleys producing tropical fruits in the chapadas of Araripe and Apodi.

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Ceará has several tourist attractions, but is famous for its ecotourism potential with hundreds of nearly deserted beaches and sand dunes. The hinterland, with its rainforests and waterfalls (such as Ibiapaba, Araripe, Meruoca and Guaramiranga) and some semi-arid regions, is ideal for tourists who like sports and adventure.
The city of Santana do Cariri, in the higher areas of Serra do Araripe, is also noted for its great paleontology discoveries – including a new specie of dinosaur, the Santanaraptor placidus.
The state provides visitors with various sport activities. The most popular, of course, is soccer, with numerous football clubs in the main cities. Strong winds make the Praia do Futuro an excellent place for nautical sports, and Fortaleza hosts world competitions of surfing, windsurfing and kite surfing.

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