Corsica - the island of beauty

Corsica, the fourth biggest island in the Mediterranean Sea and belonging to France, consists mainly of high mountains up to a height of 2000 metres. With its varying and demanding landscapes, it is a perfect location for outdoor and sports loving people and all kinds of sports on land or sea. With about 230 sunny days per year, various activities and a good gastronomy tradition, the island is a perfect holiday location.

Being part of the UNESCO World heritage and called "island of beauty" by the French and "the sublime" by the Greeks, this island really keeps up to the expectations.

Corsica hotels

Who can resist the beauty of Corsica? This treasure from the Mediterranean Sea awaits you with spread arms and the secretplaces team chose a collection of simple and traditional hotels for your holiday on Corsica. They are perfect for a relaxed swimming or an active sports holiday. Choose from our options, with clicking on the map or the hotel list on the right and find an ideal accommodation, no matter the budget. We will kindly help you and we are sure to find your dream location, doesn´t matter if you search for a romantic get away, a family friendly hotel, luxurious hotel or a holiday home.

Corsica activities

Corsica is the dream destination of every outdoor and sports loving person. In the mountains you can go hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding or climbing on the Via Ferrata and in the sea you can do scuba diving, kiting, surfing, kayaking, paddling, canyoning, sailing or fishing. In winter, you can even go skiing or snowboarding on the ski lopes. The main attractions are natural wonders as beautiful water falls, steep cliffs, the turquoise water, rivers and forests. Pure nature.

Corsica gastronomy

The Corsican-Mediterranean cuisine consists mainly of rustic meat dishes, but has also a lot more to offer. Typical ingredients are the Corsican herbs as thyme, basil, rosemary and myrtle, the Corsican blood sausage "Sangui", the from liver made "Figatellu" as well as many more sausage and meat variations, lots of different kinds of cheese and the cheese cake "Fiadone". But, the most famous would be the "Pulenta", a mash from chestnut powder and water. They even have their own beer: Pietra. And nowadays the French and also the close-by Italian cuisine have brought many influences.