Guide to the most beautiful luxury, boutique hotels and trendy apartments in Berlin

Berlin's vibrant multicultural society, museums, monuments and tolerance of all aspects of life make it one of the world's great capitals, with an atmosphere that is simply unique. Want to know why this city sets the trends that others follow, whether in art, business or underground culture? Stay in one of our handpicked boutique hotels or luxury hotels in a trendy Berlin neighbourhood. You will also find a selection stylish self-catering apartments in the German capital. Berlin has a lot to offer, do you dare to discover it?

Berlin - trendy, stylish and tolerant

The German capital is a melting pot of trends, avant-garde, modern architecture, history and extravagance. The perfect balance between past and future. Berlin is a vibrant city, full of culture and the best museum to be found here is the remains of the Berlin Wall, vestiges of Germany's harsh history. The city offers a wide range of tourist attractions and exciting activities, visits and excursions that will make visitors feel part of its culture. Places like the DDR Museum, Checkpoint Charlie, the Berlin Museum Island or the Brandenburg Gate are just some of the great attractions that this city has to offer. Travel to Berlin and enjoy a tasty Currywurst with a good beer and discover why tourism in Berlin increases year after year and the reasons why the German capital is so attractive for any traveller.

The atmosphere in Berlin

Its reputation for having a good time, which only seems to have increased since the fall of the Berlin wall, is well founded. The city often sets the trends that others follow, whether in art, business or simply underground culture - and it is easy to see why. There’s a real creative buzz about this most cosmopolitan of cities. It is a hub of technology, and design and counter-culture like no other place in Germany, or Europe for that matter.
It is also not scared of taking risks and moving on ahead full steam, whatever the obstacles. One of the winners of all this is surely any visitor to Berlin. Despite so much to see and do it is still a city with a human touch.
Berlin is currently one of the most popular and fascinating cities in the world. And not only because of its recent past, but above all because of its numerous green spaces, its impressive architecture and, of course, its pulsating nightlife: a paradise for alternative youth culture! Berlin Mitte (formerly East Berlin) is considered the epicentre of the underground movement - with numerous hip restaurants, as well as vibrant bars and nightclubs. The city's landmark - the Brandenburg Gate - probably embodies Berlin best, reminding its inhabitants of the past as well as the present and future.

Gastronomy and food favourites in Berlin

Berlin's cuisine is strongly influenced by the Brandenburg region. This is evident in the choice of pork, poultry and white fish as well as vegetables such as cabbage, turnips and potatoes as the main ingredients.
These are used to make hearty dishes such as Eisbein, pork knuckle in brine; Kassler, a salt-cured and lightly smoked cut of pork with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes; Königsberger Klopse, meatballs cooked in a white sauce with capers; Apfelmus, a rich apple puree; and Leberwurst, a sausage made from liver and served with mashed potatoes.
Fish is also one of the main attractions of Berlin's cuisine. Highlights include 'green' eel (Aal grün) with pickled gherkins (Spreewälder Gurken) and perch cooked in beer sauce. Another popular variety is herring which, in Berlin, is cooked in many ways, such as Rollmops, raw herring rolls with gherkin, which are the most popular snack in Germany, or Brathering, which consists of fried herring in a vinegar marinade.
In the land of beer, Germany's capital city could not be left behind. The most important beers are Berliner Weiße (native to the city) and Weißbier, a light beer that is usually drunk on its own or with a splash of raspberry syrup. Bockbiere, a fuller-bodied beer, is also popular.
German desserts have a well-deserved reputation. The best known are the Berliner Pfannkuchen (Berlin doughnut), which can be filled with apricot or strawberry jam and topped with icing sugar. And we should not forget the Rote Grütze, a delicious dessert made with sour cherries (Saure Kirschen), red and black berries and some raspberries, served with milk or cream. Finally, you can't leave Berlin without trying the delicious Käsekuchen (cheesecake) and Apfelkuchen (apple pie).