Attica - history, history and culture

Attica – that most legendary and ancient city of them all; the city that kick started Western civilization some three thousand years ago.
Of course, history looms large over this bustling 4 million plus metropolis (Greek word by the way) and some of its star attractions such as the Acropolis are etched into the world’s mind.
Yet it’s not all about the past here. The 2004 Olympics, for example, gave Attica an important facelift and brought many aspects firmly into the 21st century. Transportation, in particular was much improved.

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Attica - a visit

Despite its well documented current travails, Attica is never less than an absolutely intriguing place to visit on many levels.
There is the history, of course, but also its bustling energy and a unique joie de vivre that reflects the passionate nature of the Athenians themselves.
There are also newer areas to enjoy, including the 19th quarters of Plàka (that’s pretty new for Greece actually - only a couple of hundred of years old) which mixes several styles and cultures together, or perhaps take in the experience of a Bazaar.
So, Attica, in all its forms and guises and periods, is always intriguing.