Andros - the secret culture capital

Andros is not a typical Greek island: green, hilly, agricultural and varied!
The most northern island of the Cyclades in Greece is spared from tourist overflowing beaches. If at all, you will find some scattered native tourists and a lot of Greek artists. Let this island inspire you! 

Activities - Andros

The secret culture capital of the Cyclades offers a wide selection of art. You can find art studios and ateliers at every corner.
The museum of modern art, the museum of seafaring and the museum of local history are definitely worth a visit.

Gastronomy - Andros

Andros is famous for its goat cheese “armeksia”, the non-salty cheese “chloro” and the hard cheese “volaki”.
The well-known Greek salad includes in Andros delicious local capers.
Moreover, you will love the tasty pork appetizers and smoked sausages.
Fourtalia is a special local omelet: Let's try it!