Where to stay in Mykonos?

Mykonos is part of the Cyclades archipelago in the Aegean Sea and is probably one of the best-known islands in Greece. The island is a real tourist magnet, and rightly so - beautiful beaches, an exclusive atmosphere and lots of postcard motifs form a great basis for an unforgettable holiday. Mykonos is also a popular destination for international stars and starlets, especially because of its impressive party scene. A number of exclusive beach clubs are great for watching the hustle and bustle. Check out our selection of the best small boutique hotels in Mykonos, the most elegant luxury hotels and charming holiday flats in Mykonos.

The best places to stay in Mykonos? Our favourite villages and accommodations

When you think of the island's capital, Mykonos, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the picturesque old town with its whitewashed houses and colourful balconies. In the old town, it's easy to just drift along, the beautiful alleys are not only a great photo motif, but should also be enjoyed without the lens in front of your eye. Here you can stroll through the small cafés, boutiques and art galleries. Especially the boutiques are a true paradise for all shopping enthusiasts, you will find not only international but also local designers here. Sightseeing in Mykonos Town is particularly relaxing if you stroll through the streets first thing in the morning, bypassing the cruise ship and day tourists somewhat. Enjoy unique panoramic views and modern design at one of our stylish boutique hotels in Mykonos.

Other great sights of the town include the windmills, which are considered a landmark of the island. The so-called Kato Mili, on the edge of the old town, were originally built in the 15th and 16th centuries and were used for a long time to process the grain supplied. This is also a particularly good place to watch the sunset in the evening.

Mykonos Town also has a traditional harbour, to the north of the old town, which has a great harbour promenade. Here you will find many small restaurants surrounded by a great backdrop of white houses and deep blue sea. You will find trendy and cool luxury hotels in Mykonos.

Finally, the neighbourhood of Little Venice is characteristic of Mykonos Town. Little Venice got its name because of the colourful townhouses in a great location, right on the water. This romantic district was built between the 13th and 18th centuries, when Mykonos was under Venetian rule. It is therefore "real history" and not just replicas. Perhaps you will stay in a stylish vacation rental on Mykonos.

Mykonos – the beaches and countryside

If you are looking for cooling off and relaxation after sightseeing, you will definitely find it on one of the beaches of Mykonos! Paradise Beach is located in the south. It offers a colourful party scene and, with its numerous beach clubs, is a real hotspot for all those who like to party from the afternoon onwards. If that's too much for you, you could drop by Elia Beach, one of the largest sandy beaches on the island. There are also a number of smaller, quieter bays and beaches where you can unwind. These include Fokos beach, for example. Located about 12 km north of Mykonos Town, it has a particularly natural ambience.

Agios Ioannis is also a smaller but very charming beach. Great restaurants can be found here within walking distance. Ftelia beach is particularly popular with a young crowd. This spacious beach is also somewhat hidden and has a more relaxed atmosphere than Paradise Beach, for example. Kalo Livadi is another dream beach, off the beaten tourist track. Generally, the further east you look, the more secluded and quiet the beaches become. Here, the approach is sometimes a bit more difficult, you need a car and often have to walk the last part of the way, but you are rewarded with a paradisiacal bay afterwards. Many beaches are also great for water sports, as it can be particularly windy here in summer - perfect for kitesurfing or windsurfing.

If you are looking for more tranquillity, you should visit the village of Ano Mera, where you will see a completely different side of Mykonos. The village in the interior has a pretty main square, original tavernas and the Panagia Tourliani monastery with an impressive bell tower and marble fountain. A tip for a great excursion from Ano Mera is the abandoned ruins of Gyzi Castle. Right next to the ruins is a pretty white chapel that creates a special scenery.

The Palekastro Monastery also offers an oasis of peace. The green garden around the monastery is a good place to enjoy the peace and quiet. Find beautiful holiday homes here, very close to Ano Mera.

Another great destination is the Armenistis lighthouse. Its romantic setting makes it the perfect place to watch the sunset. The approach to the lighthouse can be a bit adventurous due to the road conditions. On the way back, you should take the mountain road towards Mykonos Town. It offers a great panorama that gives you a good impression of the landscape on the island.

Island hopping is also very easy thanks to the good ferry connections to the other Cyclades islands near Mykonos. If you want to learn more about the rich Greek history, the neighbouring island of Delos is the place to go. Delos is uninhabited and one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece. Delos has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1990. In addition to the lion terraces, which are particularly worth seeing, there are also numerous impressive ruins that date back to the time of Greek mythology. To gain a better understanding of the island's varied history, it is a good idea to book a guided tour.

A great day trip can also be made to Santorini, which is only 2 hours away by ferry. Find our Santorini guide here, as well as beautiful boutique hotels or holiday homes on Santorini.

The more adventurous should definitely go diving too. In the reef of Paradise Beach or Lia Beach you can discover a unique underwater landscape. The rocky island of Tragonissi, just off the north coast of Mykonos, is also particularly suitable for diving. It has a unique network of caves and grottos that are ideal for diving. This area, which is also a water conservation area, is home to a number of special marine life.


Greek cuisine on Mykonos

Numerous Greek tavernas can be found all over the island, but especially in Mykonos Town there is also a large selection of restaurants with international cuisine. Here, no wishes should remain unfulfilled. You can also visit one of the many wineries located on Mykonos and take part in a wine tasting. Try a strong Malagousia or fruity Mandilaria wine in combination with a tasty meal.

You'll find all the foods Greece is famous for on Mykonos: creamy Greek yoghurt, tangy tzatziki and feta cheese. Especially famous dishes are gyros, moussaka or stuffed vine leaves, and you will also find great fresh fish on Mykonos. A healthy classic is the Greek salad with onions, olives and feta. To finish off the meal, there is often a glass of ouzo on the house.