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Bologna is a wonderful city with different colours and small alleys, located in northern Italy.
Famous for its food, cultural heritage and oldest university of Europe, Bologna can offer pleasure for everyone! 
The centre is full of life, especially because of the amount of students. A dynamic and welcoming atmosphere is waiting for you!

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Bologna - small boutique hotels

Bologna ist a wonderful place for a city trip!
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What to do in Bologna

Bologna, which boasts Europe’s oldest university, is definitely worth a cultural trip!
Besides its medieval squares, countless churches, medieval streets and its miles of terracotta arcades, called “portici”, its recently opened Museo d’Arte Moderna di Bologna (Momba) is just as fascinating.
For those who are more fashion oriented, the Via Farini will fulfill your appetite for luxury fashion and accessory brands.

What to eat in Bologna

It is food that comes to mind when hearing this word. Not only for its famous ragù, which gave name to one of the world’s most known dishes, but also for its cured meats and an unending variety of freshly made pasta.
The area around the Mercato di Mezzo, where you do not only find shops with all kinds of local delicacies for sale, but also small eateries and wine bars to taste them all, is a must. A good excuse is having an “aperitif” on Via Ugo Bassi at the end of the day. 

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