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Often referred to as the 'Red City' for its terracotta-coloured buildings, Bologna is a hidden gem in northern Italy. Home to the world's oldest university, this vibrant metropolis is renowned for its rich history and stunning architecture. Its medieval streets reveal a captivating blend of art, culture and academia, while the intricate network of portici (arcades) stretching for kilometres gives the city a unique architectural charm. Bologna's culinary scene is equally enticing, with local markets offering a mouth-watering array of gourmet delights, including the beloved mortadella, tortellini and Bolognese sauce. Discover the dynamic atmosphere of this city with Secretplaces, and choose from a selection of amazing boutique hotels in Bologna and vacation rentals in Bologna, where tradition and innovation coexist harmoniously, making it a truly unique destination in Italy.

Our most recent list of charming small hotels, romantic bed & breakfasts and beautiful holiday homes in Bologna:

  • Boutique Hotel
    An excellently located Bologna hotel and one of the four Bologna Arts Hotels. The art of hospitality and cuisine is very much alive in Bologna, one of Italy's most accomplished cities. The same can be said for the Hotel Orologio, which is par...
    • City
    • |
    • 32 rooms
    • |
    • from 193 EUR
  • Holiday Apartments
    L'8 Boutique Design Apartments will charm you with its meticulously restored and magnificently decorated rooms, evoking emotions and leaving you with wonderful memories. The place was born from the aim to enhance a Bolognese palace from the 1700s,...
    • City
    • |
    • 11 properties
    • |
    • from 180 EUR

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