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Campania is certainly one of the most eccentric regions of Italy: a mix of decadent palaces, pastel-colored villages and suggestive landscapes.
The region was influenced by various cultures, from the ancient Romans of which remain the ruins of two of the best preserved Roman cities (Pompeii and Herculaneum) to the Bourbons with their palaces and summer villas.
Its natural beauties are suggestive and full of contrasts, in an alternation of rugged mountains, smoking fumaroles and ethereal coastal caves, up to the beaches and the coast, of breathtaking beauty.
Another richness is the culinary culture of the region: here the pizza was invented which will probably always remain queen, but the freshness and variety of the products have given rise to exceptional delicacies, not to forget the dishes based on fish and seafood, to be tasted slowly and in relaxation, that relaxation that only those who are originally from this part of the peninsula know. The sympathy of these people makes no one feel a stranger for long.

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