Cinque Terre - a region like from the fairy tale book

Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore - these are the five beautiful coastal villages that together form the Cinque Terre region, an indescribably beautiful 12-kilometre coastline of the Italian Riviera. 

Known for its colourful houses and steep vineyards, the region has long since ceased to be an insider tip and is particularly popular with hikers.  Numerous hiking trails lead through the Cinque Terre, which today is protected as a national park, where nothing can be changed or rebuilt.  

All five villages are fabulously beautiful and have a very special Italian charm. As they are connected by marked footpaths, you have the possibility to visit every village during your holiday.  We recommend a 7-day tour with stays in the individual villages. Take a break and get to know the beauty of the region. Each village has numerous authentic Italian cafes and restaurants where you can make a stop after the walk.

La Via dell'Amore (Love Trail) is probably the most famous trail of the Cinque Terre and connects the two villages Riomaggiore and Manarola. It is an easy walk that guarantees a breathtaking view at sunset.

We have searched for the most beautiful and unusual accommodations in the region, which has about 7,000 inhabitants. Whether boutique hotel or cosy apartment - there is something for every taste.

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Accommodation in Cinque Terre

The hotels and accommodations in Cinque Terre are just as fabulous as the surrounding landscape. From luxurious hotels to cosy apartments, you will find a wide range of accommodation options to suit every need and give you an insight into Italian life. We will be happy to help you find the right accommodation for your holiday.

Taste the wine Sciacchetrà

A holiday is a great opportunity to leave the familiar surroundings and go in search of something new. This can be new cultures, new places or new dishes and specialities. A holiday in the Cinque Terre region is an ideal opportunity to discover new flavours and aromas. Italian cuisine is a very famous and appreciated cuisine and the Cinque Terre region also has some specialities to offer. Sciacchetrà are white wines or liqueur wines grown in Cinque Terre. With a golden yellow colour, their aromas range from ripe pears to honeydew melons. As the wines are very sweet, they can be well combined with savoury dishes such as spicy, spicy cheeses, but they can also be enjoyed simply as a mediation wine. As a main meal we recommend classic Italian dishes such as spaghetti carbonara, tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms or various seafood.

Hiking in Cinque Terre

It isn’t a coincidence that Cinque Terre is the most visited hiking region in Italy: it offers exciting routes with ancient paths along vineyards, steep slopes or olive groves. The Cinque Terre is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has been declared a National Park as a whole. Since the hiking routes are very busy, we recommend that you start your tour as early as possible in the morning. After an exhausting hiking tour we recommend to visit a beautiful Italian café to take a break and enjoy the view of the sea with an espresso or typical Italian Stracciatella ice cream. Sounds fantastic, doesn't it?



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