Liguria - a fairy tale by the sea



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Liguria may be small by Italian standards (a surface area of only 5431 sq Km) but it is beautifully endowed – a mountainous and hilly region which takes in part of the Maritime Alps and the Ligurian Apennines.
The variety of its vegetation and wildlife is impressive indeed and amongst the most diversified and interesting in Italy. Small wonder, therefore, that some of the nicknames it has been given included “Paradise Gulf", "Siren bay" and "Bay of fairy tales". In the famous Cinque Terre region villages cling to the mountains that seem to fall directly into the sea.
Whatever the name, all testify to its dramatic coastline. Indeed, Liguria, facing the Tyrrhenian Sea, forms an imposing arc, with the Gulf of Genoa in its centre.
It is characterised by an alternating series of magnificent high coastlines and flat, whilst in the interior the steep hills meet up with the Apennines peaks.

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Liguria - culture

Ruins of the Roman civilization can be seen in Ventimiglia and in the Lunigiana district. In the region the examples of Romanesque architecture are numerous, such as St. Paragorio in Noli.
Important medieval traces, such as towers, walls and castles, dating back to the Maritime Republics, can be found in the Riviera di Ponente, as well as a number of fine examples of Baroque architecture.
Do take time to visit the interior, with Dolceacqua, Balardo, Portofino, one of the most fascinating resorts in Liguria, San Fruttuoso, Punta Chiappa, the Natural Park of Capo Noli.

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