Pisa - the leading tower

Who doesn't know the leading tower of Pisa!
But: Have you ever seen it from a close distance? It's time to explore Pisa and his historical surroundings!

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Pisa - what to see

Obviously, you have to visit the leading tower of Pisa!
Furthermore, the Dom Santa Maria Assunta is the cathedral of the archbishopric and really worth a visit. 
The baptistery and the reproduction of the burial church Santo Sepolcor are impressive!
For the nature lovers: the botanic gardens of 1543 are waiting for you!
If you more feel like exploring the culture of Pisa, you can visit a range of museums from paintings over sculptures to the history of computer science!

Pisa - food and drink

For breakfast, you'll get a capucchino and a cornetto (Italian pastry with marmalade, cream or chocolate).
At lunchtime, you can enjoy fish of the region like a classic stoccafisso alla pisana or a wonderful pizza.
For all the meat lovers, there's a famous dish calles mucco pisano, which is a delicious beefsteak.
You feel like having a little snack in between? Let's try cecina, an omelet made of chickpea flour, olive oil and salt.
After all, you should taste the unique torta co'ischeri (shortcrust pastry) stuffed with rice, chocolate and pine nut.
A secret hint: Order some liquor with a touch of muscat nut, just great!



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