Marrakech - riads, medina, souk and palmeraie

Marrakech, is without doubt one of the great cities of Africa as well as the gateway to the desert.
It is a city of exotic beauty, with palm-lined streets and red-earth walls, surrounding a huge Medina of flat-roofed houses. Labyrinthine alleyways, secluded palaces, museums, mosques and markets just add to the atmosphere.
The souk is famous for the dazzling variety of spices and Berber carpets as well as the fine quality of leather work. History The Almoravids, from the Western Sahara, founded Marrakech in the 11th century.
The city became one of the Islamic world’s most important artistic and cultural centres and the capital of their empire, which stretched from Toledo to Senegal. Today it is still an important cultural centre with a wealth of architectural delights and historical artifacts

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Marrakech riads, hotels and dars

Welcome to the country of 1001 flavours and scents! Get seduced by the flavours of fresh peppermint, almond, cinnamon and honey that are so characteristic for Morocco. This picturesque country has a lot of treasures to offer to you and you will be amazed by Marrakech, also known as the “Pearl of the South”, which has a lot of sights to discover. Enjoy a relaxed night in one of the charming “Riad Hotels” and “Dar Hotels”, which are typical local accommodations and afterwards discover Marrakech’s sights such as Djemaa el Fna („Gathering of the dead“ in Arab) or the famous medieval market, where all the city’s activities concentrate. This place with its snake-charmers and travelling-performers will make you feel like travelling back in time, straight to the heart of the oriental history. Marvel at the Koutoubia mosque, which was built in 1162 or admire the Kasbah, whose history leads back to the 12th century. No surprise that the old historical town as well as the Agdal- and Menara-gardens were recently included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage.

Activities in Marrakech

There's a lot to see in Marrakech! You can visit the palace Bahia, the Saadian tombs or the Koran school Medersa Ben Joussef.
The Souks and the Musée de Marrakech are also worth visiting.
Jardin Majorelle, a botanic garden in the centre, has colourful houses and a wonderful atmosphere.
If your feet are hurting, you just go for a historic carriage ride through the city!
In the surroundings, there are guided trekking tours, helicopter flights and even trips to the desert.

Gastronomy in Marrakech

The Marrocan cuisine offers you a lot of different dishes!
You can try a delicious Tajine (stew with or without meat), Couscous or Brochette (meat skewer). Furthermore, there is a special soup with lentils, called Harira, and the typical salty cake Patilla.
Obviously, you should try a good cup of a mint tea!
A little hint: Marrakech offers a lot of different cooking courses!



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