Ouarzazate - desert and palm grove oasis

If you are planning a trip to the Sahara, its odds on that you’ll be passing through Ouarzazate. Lying at the foot of the Atlas Mountains this old French Garrison town may be somewhat plain by the standards of Marrakech, Fez or Essaouira. However, Ouarzazate is not the film capital of Morocco for nothing.
The fabulous desert landscapes surrounding it have been used as backdrops for films that range from Lawrence of Arabia to Gladiator and even Star Wars! If you’re lucky, you may actually watch a movie being made at Atlas Studios.

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Ouarzazate riads and romantic desert hotels

Ouarzazate is the perfect starting point for an excursion into the Sahara desert. Such a trip is an unforgettable adventure. We have therefore carefully chosen a number of inexpensive but stylish and comfortable Riads in the Palmeraie of Skoura as well as luxury desert retreats not too far from town. You will discover excellent service, local gastronomy, fragrant gardens and a magic atmosphere.

Ouarzazate - activities

There are also some notable monuments to visit, not least of which the very well preserved Kasbah and Palace of Glaoui on the highest point of town. The place is thus very used to the ebb and flow of visitors using it not only as a film base but starting point to discover the wonder of the Sahara desert.
Scenic gems abound. From here you can travel eastwards on the road of the 1000 Kasbahs to the Dades Valley, a wild west like landscape with snow on the one side and desert on the other, and the plethora of castle like fortifications one passes is a testament to the Berbers ingenuity in protecting themselves from invasion.
In any event, all the roads that lead out of Ouzarzate will take you on a scenic pilgrimage of ruined Kasbahs, remote villages and date palmeries.



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