Where to stay in Flores

On the beautiful archipelago of the Azores, we have selected the most beautiful accommodations for you in our collection. Whether you are looking for a vacation home, B&B, pension or a wellness hotel – each island has its own charm. On Flores you can spend the night in a vacation home of a special kind. An old abandoned village is now offering renovated, historic stone houses as a dream vacation home surrounded by mountains, the sea and a rugged coastline.

Activities in Flores

Flores is known for its numerous hiking trails in nature! The coastline is particularly spectacular: dramatic cliffs, hidden coves, breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean and the countryside.

Fajã Grande Lagoon is an amazing natural park and one of the highlights of Flores Island. The lagoon is surrounded by a stunning landscape of waterfalls, cliffs and lush forests and provides a breathtaking setting for hiking and photography. The crater lake Lagoa Funda and a multitude of other waterfalls adorn the island of Flores.

Of course, Flores also has fantastic beaches to offer. For example the Ponta de Fajá Grande directly at a waterfall.

The capital Santa Cruz das Flores offers museums, former monasteries and a cave in 3 km distance.

History of the island

There is controversy about the date of discovery of the island, although it is known that Flores was discovered later than the other islands of the Azores. It is said that Flores was sighted in 1452 by Diogo de Teive and his son. Originally called São Tomás or Santa Iria, the island was soon renamed Flores, which literally means "flowers", as the entire island was covered with an abundance of wildflowers, the seeds of which were probably "flown in" from North America by migratory birds. Remote from the rest of the Azores and with little export, Flores was isolated from world affairs for centuries. The development of agriculture and livestock, the improvement of port facilities, the construction of an airport and the presence of a French satellite monitoring station are recent events that have opened new horizons of progress for the island.

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