Minho - The beauty of nature

Minho has a unique charactere with the wonderful landscape.
Green fields and various vineyards will let you feel the beauty of nature!

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Activities in Minho

In Guimarães you'll find a wide range of different museums and churches like the Igreja do São Miguel and various palaces. The old town has a charming atmosphere with all the little streets and restaurants.
On Thursdays, you should have a look at the gigantic open-air market in Barcelos.
The Iron Age hill town Citânia de Briteiros between Guimarães and Braga is also worth a visit!
If you want to see Portugal’s most important religious center: Braga is the right place for you!

Gastronomy in Minho

A typical dish starts with a soup made of potatoes, cabbage and olive oil, called caldo verde. They normally serve it with chourico (smoked sausage) and broa (corn bread).
The famous bacalhau of Portugal is served in Braga with fried potatoes and a lot of onions. You'll findstock fishh in different variations.
Afterwards, there are waiting delicious desserts for you like pudding or fidalguinhos (pastry made of egg, flour and sugar).
Last but not least: Everything is accompanied by a tasty vinho verde.



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