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The largest island of the Balearics attracts a somewhat different crowd to its smaller sisters. Ibiza is happening and Menorca is remote. Mallorca is somewhere in between the two, providing the right balance for the more sophisticated type of traveller. Beautiful nature and romantic places to stay abound, yet its still offers sophistication in the way of interesting towns such as Palma de Mallorca.

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Mallorca boutique hotels and finca hotels

To find the best hotels in Mallorca is not an easy task, but we have found them, the more authentic and special places to stay that are off the beaten track, nestled above hidden bays, historic parts of town and lush countryside, many of them with splendid sea views.  From elegant boutique hotels on the coast, the best and most beautiful holiday homes to luxury hotels in Palma you have the choice. Mallorca is definitely worth more than just a holiday, a fact you will enjoy staying in one of our special places to stay.

Mallorca gastronomy

This area has a rich gastronomic heritage based, unsurprisingly on the Mediterranean way of doing things. Soups are very popular here, particularly clear soups, which may be from fish, stew or meat stock. Fish and seafood based dishes are also very important, of course, given they are in plentiful supply and of great quality along the coast. La caldereta de langosta (a lobster dish) is the most outstanding.
Of the islands, only Mallorca produces wine, (though Menorca produces gin whilst Ibiza has a very strong herb liqueur that should be watered down with ice).

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