Istanbul - crossroads of Europe and Asia

Just the number of names this fabulous city has been called over the centuries gives a sense of the variety it has to offer. Byzantium (when it was under Greek control) Constantinople (Roman Empire) and finally Istanbul (Ottoman). There have been other titles, by the way, but these are the ones that have stuck in the public imagination.
Having been the capital of several empires and spanning two continents (Europe and Asia) means one thing - an incredible historical and cultural patrimony that makes it one of the world's great cities, let alone one of the most beautiful and exciting.

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Activities in Istanbul

Let's visit the miracle of Istanbul: Hagia Sophia! It was a mosque and church and it even collapsed twice!
The Sultan Ahmed Mosque really deserves to be described as the blue mosque. It looks just wonderful!
Furthermore, the amazing Dolmabahçe Palace was a very important control centre at the end of the Ottoman Empire.
If you want to enjoy a fascinating view over the city, the Topkapi Palace is the right place for you!
For all the shopping queens and kings, there is a big bazaar and also the famous bazaar of spices in Istanbul!
In addition, a wonderful restaurant is located in the Maiden's Towe on the island of Bosporus.

Gastronomy in Istanbul

For lunch, you normally get a tomato or a lentils soup. If you more feel like having meat, try the meatballs (köfte), chicken with rice or the popular döner kebab.
In the evening, the Turkish people eat a complete meal. They start with warm and cold meze (different starters), followed by a delicious main course. For dessert, baklava (sweet pastry with pistachios) is common or you can decide between different sorts of pudding.
Raki (anise liquor) is a typical drink in Istanbul, but if you want something more classical, you can try the regional beer Efes Pilsener.

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