The best places to stay in Salzkammergut?

Situated between Upper Austria, Salzburg, and Styria, the Salzkammergut offers over 70 bathing lakes, numerous mountains and hiking opportunities, beautiful and world-famous places like Hallstatt or Bad Ischl, and an incomparably beautiful landscape. For water enthusiasts, there are activities such as a 3-lake tour by boat over Grundlsee to Toplitzsee and Kammersee. Those seeking indulgence can have breakfast on a small Alpine boat on Altausseersee, and if wanderlust strikes, you can climb the Almkogel on Mondsee, for example.

To fully enjoy the many highlights of the Salzkammergut, we, as your guide to authentic and unique accommodations, have compiled a selection of the best boutique hotels, apartments, and holiday homes in the Salzkammergut for you. Planning to stay in the Salzkammergut? In our list, you'll find the most beautiful luxury hotels in the Salzkammergut, the best hotels in the region, and stylish B&Bs for your holiday amidst rural idyll.

In this small travel guide about the Salzkammergut, exciting tips await you:

  • The most beautiful places and experiences
  • Culinary delights from the Salzkammergut

Our favourite towns, villages and accommodations in Salzkammergut

Sparkling lakes, picturesque villages, cozy towns and castles, imposing mountain landscapes, and rushing streams – welcome to the Salzkammergut! Here, you can peacefully enjoy nature, hike on historic trails, or indulge in typical Austrian cuisine.

The Salzkammergut spans three federal states and combines eight regions to form one of the most beautiful areas in the Austrian Alps. A unique backdrop that has been attracting visitors for decades.

Would you like to make your stay in the Salzkammergut equally unique? To let you experience the cultural and nature-rich life in the Alpine region up close, we have compiled a selection of the best boutique hotels, small hotels, and guesthouses in the Salzkammergut for you.

The different regions of the Salzkammergut offer various possibilities and each has its own charm. We have gathered our favorites and insider tips:

Bad Ischl

The imperial city of Bad Ischl bears its name for a reason. It was especially popular among the Habsburgs as a summer residence. Emperor Franz Joseph I and Empress Sisi particularly appreciated the charm of the Alpine town and liked to spend the warm season here. No wonder the city attracts many couples for weddings; the imperial flair is still palpable. If the weather doesn't cooperate, the City Museum of Bad Ischl is the ideal place to still make the day perfect. On sunny days and mountain weather, you can take the Katrin cable car to Katrin-Alm in the nature reserve and enjoy a fantastic view of the imperial city.

Fuschlsee Region

The heart of the Fuschlsee region is the crystal-clear Fuschlsee. Together with Hintersee, it is one of the many highlights of the region. The Fuschlsee circuit trail delights hikers, and numerous natural bathing beaches near the lake invite relaxation and cooling off on hot days. This beautiful nature reserve provides insights into the flora and fauna of the region, allowing visitors to connect with nature. A region for those who love being by the water, seek unique hiking and cycling trails, or want to relax in a luxurious wellness hotel in the Salzkammergut.

Mondsee-Irrsee Region

Craving an extensive swim in the lake, but chilly waters sound less appealing? Then Mondsee and Irrsee are just right for you! With water temperatures reaching up to 27°C, they are considered the warmest lakes in the Salzkammergut. Ideal for water sports enthusiasts and those aspiring to be. Surrounded by the delightful mountain world of the Salzkammergut, this region also invites hiking, climbing, or cycling. How about a panoramic tour to the viewing mountain Almkogel on Mondsee, for example? Here, you definitely need both: swim trunks and hiking boots!

Dachstein Region

A globally renowned location in the Dachstein region is undoubtedly Hallstatt. Visitors from all over the world gather here daily and throughout the year. The picturesque town on Lake Hallstatt is surrounded by breathtaking mountain scenery and captivates with narrow alleys, colorful houses, and historic churches. For those seeking a bit of action alongside culture, the "5fingers" viewing platform offers an adrenaline rush. An adventure trail leads up the Krippenstein to the platform, which stretches like a hand over a 400-meter deep abyss. Here, you enjoy an incredible view. But beware! Not for the faint-hearted.

These four regions combine hiking, culinary delights, impressive landscapes, and numerous activities amid breathtaking nature – and yet, they only cover half of the incredible diversity of the Salzkammergut. Each of the eight regions of the Salzkammergut has its own attractions and special features. If you want to authentically experience the Salzkammergut, book one of our selected top hotels, a charming guesthouse in the Salzkammergut, or how about a luxury hotel by the lake? With our selection of the best hotels in the Salzkammergut, you'll make your stay an extraordinary experience.

Culinary delights from the Salzkammergut

After a sporty day in the mountains or by the lake, the Salzkammergut offers some culinary specialties for rejuvenation. Homemade pastries can be found, for example, at the Zauner pastry shop in Bad Ischl, which has been in existence since 1832 and places great emphasis on tradition. From strawberry rolls to Emperor's cake, those with asweet tooth are guaranteed to find something to their liking here. For those who crave something hearty after an active day, the Castle Fishery on Lake Fuschl offers freshly smoked fish right by the water. On the numerous alpine meadows around the mountains of the Salzkammergut, there are many other Austrian delicacies to try. From cheese spaetzle to yeast dumplings, there is something for every taste.

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