Rio de Janeiro - cidade maravilhosa

It is indeed the cidade maravilhosa, although urban pressure has transformed it a bit. In 1975, the states of Guanabara and Rio de Janeiro were merged under the name of Rio de Janeiro, with its namesake as the state capital. The symbols of the former Rio de Janeiro state were preserved, while the symbols of Guanabara were curiously kept by the city of Rio de Janeiro. It should be noted that European presence in Rio de Janeiro is as old as Brazil itself, dating back to 1502 under this same name.

Rio de Janeiro boutique hotels and guesthouses

Rio de Janeiro. What to choose? A boutique hotel in Ipanema, a luxury hotel on the Copacabana or if you are lucky, a small bed and breakfast in the hip neighboorhood of Santa Teresa? They are all worthwhile.

Rio de Janeiro - culture

The Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is famous worldwide. It is the great explosion of joy in Rio with a huge celebration that unites emotions, creativity, plasticity, colours, sounds and a lot of fantasy – some consider it the greatest popular party in the world. New Year’s Eve festivity involves the whole of the population.
Locals and visitors join to celebrate euphorically the fact that they are in Rio. It takes place on the famous beach of Copacabana, gathering thousands to enjoy musical performances and fireworks – increasingly exuberant year after year.

Rio de Janeiro - gastronomy

“Feijoada” (a black bean and pork stew) has become the national dish for Brasil. It is typical Saturday lunch – both at home and at the better restaurants. This speciality is served with white rice, finely shredded kale, “farofa” (manioc root toasted with butter) and sliced oranges.
Seafood (shrimp and lobster in particular) is excellent in Rio – but expensive whilst fish is not.
Sidewalk cafes can have surprisingly good food. Snacks and aperitifs are normally served at the tables outside, complete meals inside. One recommended dish is “Frango Pasarinho” – wonderfully deep-fried bits of chicken with lots of garlic.

Don't miss trying the refreshing but dangerous "caipirinha", made from Brazilian cachaça rum, sugar and lemon juice. Rio also has excellent beer - order "chop" for small size draft. And remember – always drink bottled water.