Berlin - trendy, stylish and tolerant

Berlin may not be as large population wise as, say, London or Paris but it still packs a pretty heavy punch. Its vibrant multi-cultural scene, museums and monuments and tolerant outlook to life all help make it, in short, one of the great cities of the world – and the atmosphere is simply unique.
Unique is also our selection of trendy and stylish Berlin hotels. Take a look.

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Berlin - hotels and trendy apartments

Berlin is "cool". If you want to experience Berlin from "within" and feel like a local, just choose one of our trendy, elegant and hip Berlin hotels and guesthouses. Catch the atmosphere of the neighborhood in one of the stylish hotels in Prenzlauer Berg, Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain or Berlin Mitte or a cosy bed and breakfast or more luxurious hotel on Kurfüstendamm. Whatever your taste, we’ll help you find that perfect getaway.

The Atmosphere in Berlin

Its reputation for having a good time, which only seems to have increased since the fall of the Berlin wall, is well founded. The city often sets the trends that others follow, whether in art, business or simply underground culture - and it is easy to see why. There’s a real creative buzz about this most cosmopolitan of cities. It is a hub of technology, and design and counter-culture like no other place in Germany, or Europe for that matter.
It is also not scared of taking risks and moving on ahead full steam, whatever the obstacles. One of the winners of all this is surely any visitor to Berlin. Despite so much to see and do it is still a city with a human touch.

Architecture in Berlin

Berliners want to enjoy themselves and experiment new things and the result is truly a city of many contrasts. Old architecture mixes with new, the magnificence of Prussian architecture, for example, goes hand in hand with dazzling and innovative constructions, but this dichotomy filters through into all walks of life here.
As a monument, the Brandenburg gate, perhaps best represents this great city. It reminds Berliners of their past, present – and future.



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