Behind the massif of Mitskikeli in the mountains of Pindos, like a secret treasure, in the Northwest of Greece, lies the region of Epirus. Here, you'll find wild rivers and authentic villages. Your outdoor heart will beat faster, for sure! Unforgettable beautiful and adventurous raft trips, and rocky climbing trails await you. Adrenaline will pump through your body if you go kayaking and canyoning!
But not only that! Epirus also boasts endless green fields and fertile lands for those who search for tranquility and relaxation. In this dreamy atmosphere of nature, you'll sense the gentle breeze and you'll feel like at the other end of the world. You can take a bath in crystal clear mountain lakes, cross old stone bridges and look into deep, magical ravines. Or visit the numerous convents and the placid town of Paramythia.
Aside the mountains, the coast boasts with untouched bays and lonely beaches. If you're lucky you might even be the only ones at the beach. We will provide you with amazing and beautiful lodgings in this dreamy landscapes. 

Hotels in Epirus

We have searched for those special places to stay in Epirus. Here is a selection of our favourite boutique hotels and guest houses in Epirus. 

Gastronomy in Epirus

Greece is famous for Pita, Feta, Gyros and Ouzo. In Epirus, people eat a little different: Frogs' legs, eel, cheeses like Galotyri, Metsovone and Ourda are among the local specialties. The dessert is typically sweet: You'll almost always find syrup in it! Try Klostari,walnut and pumpkin cakes! If you feel like having a snack, try homemade pies with minced meat or other fillings. To accompany your meal, have some of the famous regional white wine, Zitsa.

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