Rome - the eternal city

The eternal city is also a city of wonder, surely one of the most unique and fascinating urban areas in the world.
It is singularly rich in history, culture and architecture and add to this brew the Romans themselves, an excitable mix of Latin temperament and charm, and you have a city like no other on earth.

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Ever heard the saying „All roads lead to Rome”? Well, when was your last time? Did you even ever visit Rome? We have made a selection of captivating boutique hotels, Apartments and luxury hotels which grant you an unforgettable stay in the eternal city that will make it hard for you to travel back home. No matter if you are planning a romantic weekend getaway or a longer holiday in Italy, our team is happy to help you make your choice.

Activities in Rome

Being the centre of the of Roman civilization has endowed Rome with an incredible wealth of cultural artefacts. It is simply not possible to see everything in a few days, (or probably even in a few months!).
There is simply so much to see, but in the centre of Rome, you can admire the Roman Forum, the imposing and universally known Coliseum and, of course, St. Peter's. Visitors can admire the archeological excavations and relax later in the quaint quarter of Trastevere which seems to be a village in the centre of the city.
Day trips away from the city include Hadrian's Villa close to the town of Tivoli and the spectacular gardens of the Villa d'Este in the centre of Tivoli itself.

Gastronomy in Rome

In Rome, you can enjoy hearty traditional food with just a few ingredients. For example the noodle dish cacio e pepe (cheese and pepper) is made with a simple sauce of water, pepper and pecorino romano (a hard goat cheese).
With the same cheese and some bacon, they prepare spaghetti alla gricia for you! Simple but delicious!
Of course, you have to taste the different ice cream shops, where you can get a wide range of different ice creams.
Last but not least: the original Italian coffee is waiting for you!



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