Terceira - the colourful landscape



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Terceira makes up part of the central group of islands. Many galleons cast anchor here, weighed down with cargoes of spices from the East and gold and silver from America. The island, with its green patchwork of level fields dotted with the white silhouettes of dairy cows, the brush-strokes of vibrant colour between white-washed houses provides for a lovely sight, further enhanced by the epoch of azaleas in April and the hydrangeas during the summer.

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Activitites in Terceira

The Azores is a paradise for lovers of nature. It is an excellent destination for whale and dolphin watching, for example, where over 25 species have been identified in the region. The best time to view them is between the months of June and September when they feed off the coastal waters. Deep-sea fishing is also well catered for. Boats can be chartered at the coastal times for this purpose, whilst a licence is required to for fresh water fishing in the rivers and lakes. As for flora and fauna the islands are home to over 50 native species of plants and it is also an excellent destination for bird watching. For lovers of fine architecture, visiting the World Heritage town of Angra do Heroismo is a must.

Gastronomy in Terceira

The famous limpet is served in a variety of ways, but is delicious when grilled. The “cavaco” (lobster family) is well-known and very tasty, as well as spider crab, music shell, octopus, and calamari. Cozido das Furnas (meat and vegetable stew cooked in sealed pots in the hot springs) is an incredibly tasty dish. These delicacies are abundant throughout the islands. The best local wine is the Verdelho Pico and is served as an aperitif or digestive. You must also try the traditional “vinho de cheiro” (American grape wine) found in most islands.