Cadiz - sherry, history and great beaches

The province of Cadiz itself is actually mountainous, with the ranges of Algodonales, la Mota, Líjar, Grazalema and Santa Margarita being located in the northeast, whilst the sierras of Aljibe and Líbar are to be found in the south.

Puerto de Santa María is synonymous with beaches. Conil, Tarifa (the windsurf capital), and Caños de Meca. are known for their shoreline, fishing, fine sands, and pine trees. The area near Gibraltar is rich in pastures and cattle ranches. Jerez (Sherry) produces world famous wines, as well as horses and bulls. The farmhouses, and the sandy soils planted with vineyards, in the flat lands of Jerez, are an exact replica of the old, conservative, Andalusia and its deep-rooted tradition.

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Cadiz - Gastronomy

Cadiz cuisine has been inspired in equal measures by its climate and the numerous cultures that have established themselves there. The land is well suited to growing olives and grapes. Indeed, it is home to sherry, one of the world’s oldest and most famous wines, the production of which thrives on the year round sunshine.

Cadiz also created another excellent drink, Sangria, made from red wine and fruits that is excellent for quenching the thirst on hot summer days. It is also home to the famous gazpacho, a cold soup made of diced tomatoes, cucumbers and green peppers in olive oil, vinegar and garlic, usually served with a sprinkling of croutons, which is again perfect for the local hot climate.

The region also has fine line in confectionery and pastry - an Arabic legacy - and a variety of dishes based on pork and ham. Frituras (servings of small fried fish) and stews are just some of the other items from a school of cooking that boasts a long and well-established tradition.

Cadiz - fiestas

This region abounds in popular festivities. In addition to the traditional Horse and Bull Fairs, mention should also be made of Spring Fairs at Jerez and El Puerto de Santa María; the flamenco Festivities also at Jerez; the festivals at Algeciras; the solemn Holy Week celebrations in Cadiz and villages; and the merry local festivities at Chiclana, Vejer de la Frontera, Rota and Barbate.
Yet whatever the fiesta, be it a local or purely private occasion, it is sure to bear the indelible stamp of the Andalusian character and temperament, the charm of the local singing and dancing, into which both the men and women of Cadiz enter with wholehearted and carefree abandon.



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